Acupuncture in Lithuania

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NewsNew regulations found after the CAMbrella deliveries:

No new regulations found.

Notice! All text below are copied from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec 31, 2012

A medical doctor may practise acupuncture as a specialty called “narrow specialization of
medical practice” (No.V-469), which are not certified by the State Accreditation Agency.

The specialist only needs a certificate for fulfilled introductory course in the specific CAM
practice (Order No. V-680) (190).

If the physician wants to practise legally as a CAM therapist (homeopath, manual therapist, reflexotherapist) he has to work in an institution, public or private, which is licensed to offer such therapy.

An order of MOH, V-364 of 14 May 2004, lists the out-patient health care services which require a licence given by State service for accreditation in health care. Homeopathy, manual therapy and acupuncture are the only CAM therapies listed as such services. The document was published in the Official Gazette “Valstybės žinios” No 86-3152 on 28 May 2004 (193).

No other specific regulation has been found on acupuncture.