Homeopathy in Denmark

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NewsNew regulation found after the CAMbrella deliveries:

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Notice! All text below is copied from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec 31, 2012

The law on a self-regulatory registration system for alternative practitioners from 2004
established a voluntary register for non-medically qualified CAM practitioners including
homeopaths (28, 87).

Medical doctors and health professionals may practise homeopathy within the frames of
Sundhedsloven (81) and Authorization of Health Care Professionals and on Professional
Health Care Practice section 12 (82).

For use of homeopathic medicinal products the law “Bekendtgørelse om homøopatiske lægemidler m.v.” gives the regulations (91).

ECCH has detailed information on the terms for being accepted onto the “Registry on
Alternative Practitioners” in their report “The legal situation for the Practice of Homeopathy in Europe” from 2010 (50).