Homeopathy in Lithuania

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Notice! All text below are copied from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec 31, 2012

Only physicians may legally practise homeopathy in Lithuania(190).

From 1999 (No. 62, 5 February 1999, updated in the order of Health care Minister V-680 of 29th of September 2004) homeopathy is listed as “a narrow specializations of medicine” (190).

There is no governmental certification system for those specializations (190). To be allowed to practise a person must have a licence of medical doctor of any specialty and have fulfilled basic training (at the Vilnius University or the Kaunas Medical University), in addition to 80 hours of postgraduate education in this specialty every 5 years (“Valstybės žinios“ No 149-5426 of 9 October 2004)(194).

With the order of MOH-V-364/2004 homeopathy is listed as an out-patient health care
service which requires a licence given by state service for accreditation in health care (193). The medical association recognizes homeopathy as an additional medical qualification (almost specialty) and issues diplomas as such (106).

An institution can get a licence of homeopathic practice if in addition to other requirements the documents of a person who is allowed to practise homeopathy are provided to the state institution for licensing (193). There is no procedure of personal licensing for homeopathic doctors (190).

The right to practise homeopathy for medical doctors is retained after additional
homeopathy training for about five years (50). The title homeopath is in some way protected through governmental regulation (50).

The following diseases may not be treated with homeopathy: cancer, tuberculosis, acute
infectious diseases, schizophrenia and affective insanity (41).