Homeopathy in Romania

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Notice! All text below is copied from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec 31, 2012

Homeopathy is legally recognized as a CAM therapy in the group “alternative therapies” in the law on CAM 118/2007 (238).

Homeopathy has historically from 1981 and 1995 been recognized by law as a distinct
therapeutic system in Romania. Practise has been limited to medical doctors with specific
homeopathic training (106).

Only medical doctors, dentists and pharmacists with approved additional qualification are allowed to practise homeopathy in Romania (239). A specialized committee for homeopathy regulates the profession (239) and. both by law and by the medical association, homeopathy is recognized as a medical specialty (106, 239). Diplomas of homeopathic doctors are approved by the government according to law and regulations (106, 239).

In medical schools or faculties of pharmacy students can take optional courses in
homeopathy (29). Postgraduate training courses in homeopathy for doctors are provided at universities and homeopathy is an official part of the Continuous Education Programme for doctors (106, 239). Homeopathic doctors’ associations require a number of obligatory CME for their members (106).